Do I Have to Practice?

It depends on what you want to accomplish.

“I just want to come to class and have fun”

If you don’t mind making slow progress, don’t worry about practicing. I understand that one weekly class is all the “me time” some of you can squeeze out of your schedules, and I make my lesson plans accordingly.

If you choose not to practice, you should expect to stay in Level 1 for several sessions. (But don’t worry – the class is different every session, so you won’t get bored.)

How to do it: Practice if the mood strikes you, but stop when you stop having fun doing it. And don’t feel guilty if you never get around to it.

“I want to make consistent progress, and maybe perform at a student level”

If you want to progress beyond the beginner level, and maybe perform at recitals or haflis, you’ll need to practice semi-regularly.

How to do it: Try for 30 minutes, a couple of times a week. If you miss a session here and there, don’t worry about it, but try to get in at least some practice every week.

“I want to be a professional dancer someday!”

If you want to become a professional dancer, or reach an advanced level, you will need to practice. A lot. A whole lot. Way more than you think.

How to do it: Assuming you’re reading this as a beginner, that’s still a long way off. Now is the time to start building the practicing habit. Start out with a small amount of regularly-scheduled practice time, then gradually increase the duration and frequency. Don’t burn yourself out with a too-ambitious practice plan. You’ll make more progress if you make a sustainable plan and stick to it.

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