How Do I Get to the Studio?

All public classes are held at Third Life Studio, which is at 33 Union Square, Somerville.

Union Square is a complicated intersection, so be sure to allow a few extra minutes to find the studio on your first visit!

Driving or Walking:

Union Square addresses don’t always map correctly, so I strongly recommend that you use Third Life’s directions and parking instructions.

If you need to use Google Maps or a GPS device, I strongly recommend entering the address to 300 Somerville Ave. That is NOT the address of the studio (it’s the small church two doors down), but mapping services are more likely to get that right.

The studio is located where Somerville Ave enters Union Square from the Porter Square side.   You’ll find it between G&T Tailoring and Elegant Furniture, and across the street from the Union Square Veterinary Clinic.


Union Square is a major bus hub, so it is an easy bus ride from:
Central (91, CT2)
Kendall (85, CT2)
Harvard (86)
Porter (87)
Davis (87)
Sullivan (86, 90, 91)
Lechmere (87)
Arlington Center (87)
Cleveland Circle (86)
Ruggles (CT2)

And within half a mile you can find stops serving:
Wellington (90)
Lechmere (88)
Arlington Center via Medford Hillside (80)

Important: a few of these buses (including the 85 and CT2) stop running mid-evening, or don’t run on the weekends.

Be sure to visit for current schedule information.

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