How Can I Keep Up with Local Belly Dance Events?

Boston has a very lively belly dance scene. You can see live performances every Wednesday-Sunday, with several performances to choose from on the weekends. There are also several workshops or dancer-organized shows per month.

To keep up on the latest events, I recommend that you join the following groups:

Mailing Lists:

Groups and Magazines:


There are many venues in the greater Boston area that feature dancers.  The quality varies a lot from venue to venue, and sometimes over time as well.  My personal favorites are:

  • The Athenian Corner in Lowell  (Greek restaurant, primarily American traditional style dance)
  • Khayyam in Brookline  (Persian restaurant, featuring a mix of dance styles)
  • Byblos in Norwood  (Lebanese restaurant, featuring Egyptian and Lebanese style dance)
  • Karoun in Newton  (Armenian restaurant, featuring primarily American traditional style dance)

For a larger list of venues, check out the nebellydancecalendar group.

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