What is the referral bonus?

The full-session tuition is already a savings over the drop-in rate.
But if you bring a friend, you can get a few extra goodies!


Bring a Friend Bonus

What it is:

When you refer a new student to my class, and they pay by the session, you both get your choice of a CD or hip scarf from my stock.

Why I offer it:

Your referrals help me spend less time marketing and more time teaching. It’s also fun to take a class with a friend, especially when you’re trying something new.

What you need to know:

Only one person can receive the bonus for each new student. However, you can refer as many students (and get as many bonus items) as you’d like. The bonus must be redeemed within a month of joining the class, and is limited to the selection I have in stock. Students who have previously taken classes or private lessons with me do not qualify as “new students”.

The referred student must register and pay in advance for the full session. The bonus does not apply if the referred student pays week-to-week. However, the session rate may be pro-rated for up to 4 scheduled absences.

The referred student must list you as the referrer when they register, in order for you to get credit for the referral.

The referred students do not have to take the same class as you.

Custom classes created for your group are not eligible for this bonus.

Update January 9th, 2014: The referring student may pay on a drop-in basis, if space permits. However, they must attend classes in the same semester as the referred student to qualify for the bonus. (i.e., if you refer a student to the fall semester, you have to take classes in the fall semester yourself to qualify.)


Social Butterfly Bonus

What it is:

When you refer 4 or more new student to my class, your friends get a CD or hip scarf from my stock, and you get your class tuition for free.

Why I offer it:

This level of “bellyvangelism” should be rewarded!

What you need to know:

The terms are the same as for the Bring A Friend Bonus.

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Updated January 9th, 2014.

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