What happens if there’s a snow storm or emergency cancellation?

I will give each scheduled class whenever I am able, as long as it is safe to do so. However, I may need to cancel the class in the event of dangerous weather, a personal emergency, or if I am seriously ill or likely to be contagious.

In the event of a cancellation, I will make every reasonable effort to send email to the class, and post a notice to the class cancellation page. It is the student’s responsibility to check their email and the cancellation page before class, especially during questionable weather.

Each class session has a scheduled make-up date. Students are expected to reserve this date, in case it’s needed. No refunds will be given for those who are unable to attend the scheduled make-up class.

Snow Considerations:

In general, if the Somerville Public Schools are open, we will have class. However, I may choose to cancel class if I feel that it would be unsafe for you to travel to or from class. During inclement weather, be sure to check the class cancellation page before you leave for class.

Substitute Teachers:

Teaching you is a very high priority for me, so I will teach the class myself unless I am too sick to do so, highly contagious, or facing an emergency.

If I am unable to teach, I will attempt to find a qualified instructor to hold the class in my place. I will send an email to the class to notify you of the substitution, and post a notice to the class cancellation page, unless circumstances prevent it.

If I am unable to find a qualified substitute, I will cancel the class. We will meet instead on the scheduled make-up date.

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