Can I Study With Another Teacher Too?

Absolutely!  Studying with multiple teachers is one of the best things you can do for your dancing.  Every dancer’s style is different, and every teacher has a unique perspective and skill set.  I encourage all students to cross-train with another teacher once they reach an advanced-beginner level.  (Assuming they have the time, money, and interest.)

That said, I recommend sticking with just one teacher for the first 6-12 months of your belly dance education.  Since belly dance technique is not standardized, your second teacher may tell you do the moves differently, or give you other instructions that contradict what you learned in class.  This can be very confusing until you are comfortable with your primary teacher’s posture and basic technique, and have developed your body awareness.

I encourage all students with any amount of experience to take workshops with other teachers, as long as they’re appropriate for your level.  (If you’re not sure, ask the organizers what level the workshop is meant for.)

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