Songs for Veilwork

Common Songs

These are some of the most commonly-used songs for lyrical veilwork.

Bir Demet Yasemen
Armenian and Anatolian Folk Music by Okbari
Sirocco by John Bilezikjian

Live from Detroit by Ara Topouzian
(This album also has the chiftetelli we use for the warm-up song)
The Joy of Belly Dancing by George Abdo

Erev Shel Shoshanim / Amen Aravod / Yarus / Varter
(This song has been recorded in Hebrew and in Armenian, and is often released under different names)

Now Sounds of the Middle East by George Mrgdichian

An Oriental Bouquet by Harry Saroyan

Oasis by Oasis


Practice Music for Drummers and Dancers Vol. 1 by Mary Ellen Donald
This is the version we use for the drills.


Tapestry of the Dance by John Bilezikjian

The Original Versions by Aris San (not arranged for belly dance)


Less Common, but I love:

Unknown Veil Song
Mystical Veil by Mal Barsamian (New England artist!)
The veil piece is the second song in “Mid-East Routine”, which is a whole routine in a single track.

Mosafere Azizam

Saroyan Sings An Oriental Bouquet by Harry Saroyan


Santorini by the Noga Group

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