Hip Stretches for Belly Dancers

Hip Stretches for Belly Dancers

Our hips work hard for us in belly dance. It’s important to stretch them, both to develop range of motion, and to prevent injury. Here are a few of my favorite hip stretches.

Hip Flexor Stretches

When we dance, we work our hip flexors hard, and we do it when they’re in a shortened position. But tight hip flexors can skew your postures, and put stress on your lower back. Here are two great stretches:

1) Hip flexor stetch on a foam roller:


2) Yoga’s Warrior 1 pose is also an excellent option.


Outer Hip Stretches

Out outer hips can also get tight. You may want to try:

1) The against the wall stretch.
(YOu can do it cross-legged as shown here, or sit into your hip towards the wall.)

2) The lying underbuttal stretch (aka “supine pigeon” pose).

3) The seated pigeon variation, which is easy to sneak in at your desk.

4) The knee-to-chest stretch
(We do this without the twist in class.)

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