Summer 2014 Music Recommendations

Here are some of the songs I recommend for students in the Summer 2014 semester.

Note: This will be updated throughout the semester.


All Levels

  • Chiftetelli from Live from Detroit by Ara Topouzian (Good for warming up and slow moves practice.)
  • Raks Al Tabla from Modern Belly Dance From Egypt by the Gizira Band (Good for shimmy practice.)
  • Sharuk from Ya Bahaia by Samer Issa (Good for hipwork – medium tempo)
  • Meso from Gogun Yarisi by Lilith (Good for cooling down and slow moves practice.)


Level 1


Level 2 rhythm references

  • Drum and Dance: 30 Doumbek/Djembe Rhythms by T. Roy the Drummer

    (Classic AmCab styling, with the rhythms spoken in syllables and explained. If your budget is tight, just track 32 “Spoken Drum Rhythms Only (all 30)” is helpful.)

  • Pulse of the Sphinx by the Henkesh Brothers

    (Egyptian styling, full sound, but no explanations.)


Rhythms covered so far:

  1. Ayyoub (“what’s your problem?”)
  2. Malfouf (“no problem”)
  3. Maqsoum (“I like your hip scarf”)


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