What should I do if I miss a class?


If you miss a class here or there:


1) Don’t worry about it

We do lots of review, so you’re not going to fall behind. In fact, I make my lesson plans assuming that you’ll be missing a few classes out of each semester.

2) Let me know (optional)

You don’t have to notify me if you’re going to be out. But it is nice to know what’s going on in your life. If nothing else, I can wish you a fun trip or quick recovery.

3) Practice what you’ve already learned (optional)

You’ll have to wait until next week’s class to learn any new material you missed, but we probably also practiced material that you already know.

If you feel like practicing (remember: it’s optional for level 1), just review what you learned in previous weeks. A lot of the new material builds on earlier skills, so this is a very useful thing to do!

4) Take a make-up class (optional, and limited)

You can make up once missed class per semester in another class offering. See “Make-up class policies” below for the full details.

5) Don’t worry about it!

I mean it: no shame, no blame, no guilt. Just let it go, and come back next week.

If you miss a several classes:

1) Don’t worry about it

I want belly dance class to be a good thing in your life, not a source of stress, so don’t feel guilty about having missed some classes. It doesn’t make you a “bad student” or “disrespectful”.

2) Come back when you can

A lot of students worry that they’ve fallen too far behind, and think they can’t come back to class. That is NOT TRUE. You are ALWAYS welcome to come back. You may not be able to catch up on everything you missed, but you can absolutely continue learning the new material.

3) Get some tutoring (optional)

If you’d like to work on what you missed, you can also take a private lesson or two to help you get caught up. This is NOT a requirement.

Missed class policies

If you miss a class, you can take a make-up class in another offering of the same or lower level.
(i.e., if you’re in the Sunday Level 1 class, you can take your make-up class in the Monday Level 1. If you’re in Level 2, you can make it up in either Level 1 class.)

You can make up the class in the same week, or do it later in the semester. Make-up classes are limited to the current semester, and cannot be carried over to a future session.

Please note that the two offerings of Level 1 aren’t always identical. So you may not get exactly what you missed.

This option is limited to one make-up class per semester per person.
(Exceptions can be made for religious holidays.)

The make-up option is offered as a courtesy, and may not be offered in all semesters.

No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes.

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