Here are some of the most commonly-asked questions about my belly dance classes.

This page will be updated as I add answers and new topics, so check back often!

Choosing to Belly Dance

Do I need previous experience?

Am I too fat/skinny/old to belly dance?

Can I belly dance while injured/pregnant?

Do I have to be fit to take the class?

Will belly dance help me lose weight?

Can children take the class?

Can men take the class?

How big are the classes?

Where does belly dance come from?

But isn’t belly dancing like stripping?

Registering for Class

How do I register for class?

Which class should I sign up for?

Can I try one class before I sign up for the session?

Can I join the class after the session starts?

Can you notify me when the next session starts?

I’m going to miss some of the class dates.  Can you pro-rate the session?

What payment methods are accepted?

NEW: What payment plans are available?

What is the referral bonus, and how do I qualify?

Taking the Class

What do I need for class? What should I wear?

How do I get to the studio?

Can I change at the studio, or do I need to arrive dressed?

Do I need to practice?

What should I do if I miss a class?

What happens if there’s a snow storm or emergency cancellation?

I want to perform someday.  How long will I have to study?

Can I study with another teacher too?

Where can I find the Code of Conduct for the class?

Will there be a recital?


Where can I see Nadira perform?

Can I take private lessons with Nadira?

Can Nadira teach a lesson for my group or party guests?

How can I find out about local belly dance events?