Embrace the Jiggle

Embrace the Jiggle screen shot

Beginner-Level Instructional Video With Drum Solo

I’m proud to announce that “Embrace the Jiggle”, my introductory-level belly dance workshop, has been made into an instructional video by Creative Living Works.

What it covers

This 90-minute class teaches a selection of basic belly dance moves, then puts them together into a 1-minute beginner-friendly drum solo choreography.

The video also features my students Mafalda and Soraya, so you can see how the moves look on different body types and personalities.

Music used

This video features music from Belly Dancing for Fortune and Fame.
(Note: that’s an Amazon affiliate link, so I’ll get a small commission if you use it to make a purchase.)

Production Notes

Embrace the Jiggle was filmed on location at the Washington Street Arts Center as part of the Creative Living Works digital Skillshare.

It’s a “low frills” production, so the lighting and audio aren’t professional quality. You can see and hear everything you need to, but it doesn’t look quite as slick.

How to get it

“Embrace the Jiggle” is available as a digital download on our sister site, Belly Dance Geek. (That’s where Nadira posts coaching resources for experienced dancers.)

Price: $10
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