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Practice Tips

Do I Have to Practice?
How to Practice
How to Practice When You Only Have 5 Minutes
Hip Stretches for Belly Dancers


How to Choose a Practice Song
Nadira’s Recommended Music List
Songs for Veilwork
Songs for Cane (Saidi)
Fall 2011 Music Recommendations
Summer 2012 Music Recommendations
Summer 2014 Music Recommendations (rhythm references for Level 2)
Fall 2016 Music Recommendations

Belly Dance Shopping

3 Items the Beginner Belly Dancer Needs
5 Items the Beginner Belly Dancer Shouldn’t Buy (Yet) (Coming Soon)
What Should I Bring to Class?




Taktaba, Nadira’s Free Video Podcast on Dance Composition:
(Note: these assume a basic knowledge of belly dance movements. If you’re new to belly dance, I recommend waiting until you have at least 6 months of classes before you work with these.)



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