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Nadira’s Favorite Dance Clips

Here are some videos of my favorite dancers from around the world. Most of these are coming from YouTube, and videos sometimes disappear. If a video has been removed, drop me a comment at the bottom of this page to let me know.


Ranya Renee of NYC (Egyptian Style)

This juicy, earthy piece is a great example of Egyptian “baladi” or country style dance.


Gigi Dilsah of Turkey (Turkish Oryantal)

“Oriental” means the fancy-pants “wearing sparkles on a stage” version of belly dance, rather than the folkloric or social versions.


Sema Yildiz and Özgen of Turkey (Romani)

Romani is the correct word for “Gypsy”, which is considered a slur. Romani social dance has had a huge influence on Turkish belly dance.


The Late Serena Wilson of NYC (American Cabaret)

Also known as “vintage orientale” this melting pot style blends Turkish and Arabic stylings.


Fat Chance Belly Dance (American Tribal Style)

ATS is a group improvisation format developed in California in the 1980s, with aesthetic roots in the Ren Faire culture of the 1960s.


Ela Rogers of Massachusetts (Tribal Fusion)

Tribal Fusion is a modern style that blends belly dance technique with western music and aesthetics. It’s the newest addition to the belly dance family, first emerging in the late 1990s.


What else would you like to see?

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