Not a Beginner?

Classes and Coaching for Experienced Dancers

If you are ready to move beyond the basics of belly dance, I can help!

Most belly dance instruction focuses on the “what”: moves, combos, and choreographies.
That’s an important foundation, but it’s not enough.

You also need to learn about the “why and how”: musicality, expression, improvisation, compositional principles, what the audience expects, and how to give it to them.

Plus, belly dance is a very personal dance. It’s about what you hear in the music, what you feel, and how you like to move. You can’t build your personal style by simply copying the teacher.

So instead of feeding you moves and choreographies to copy, I teach you how the dance works, so you can create it for yourself.

My upper-level classes may be for you if you:
  • Want to dig deep and learn, not just show up and move
  • Aspire to perform (whether professionally or as a hobby)
  • Are already “out there” performing, and want to hone your skills
  • Are stuck in a rut, and want another perspective
  • Need to work on your finger cymbals and improvisation
  • Are an experienced tribal or folkloric dancer, and want to break into cabaret venues


Dancers who are studying with other teachers are very welcome to “cross-train” with me. You can join us for a short time, or on an ongoing basis.

Level 2: Beyond Beginners

In Level 2, we take your foundation of basic technique, and kick it up a notch.
We introduce more difficult technique, and start building your performance foundation.

Skill Level

This class is for advanced beginner through high intermediate level.

My students usually move to this level after a full year (3 sessions) of my Level 1 class, although this varies from person to person. I’ve had students move up in 2-6 semesters.

What we cover
  • More challenging technique
  • Shimmy layering
  • Basic finger cymbal skills
  • Introductory improvisation skills
  • Stagecraft and performance skills


Are you ready for Level 2?

Before beginning this level, you should be able to execute the basic moves correctly, and with clean posture.

(They don’t need to be perfect, but you should be able to keep your slides and circles flat, do hip drops without bouncing. etc.)

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Level 3: Performance Preparation

In Level 3, we prepare you to perform.

Whether your goal is to go pro, or just be the best hafla performer you can be, you’ll need the same background in technique, musicality, and stage presence.

Skill Level

This class is for high intermediate through newer professionals. Most students will spend at two years or more in Level 2 before moving up to this class.

What we cover
  • Intermediate and advanced technique
  • Hardcore finger cymbal skills and concepts
  • Improvisation skills and compositional principles
  • Stagecraft and performance skills
  • Tradition: what the audience expects, and how to give it to them
  • Individual performance coaching in class


Are you ready for Level 3?

Before beginning Level 3, you must be able to play simple finger cymbal patterns while dancing. (If you can’t do that yet, you can learn in Level 2.)

You should also be able to perform basic belly dance moves correctly on auto-pilot, and be able to do intermediate-level movements with correct posture.

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Specialty Classes

I also offer supplemental classes that focus on specific areas or techniques. They aren’t a replacement for your regular class (Level 1, 2, or 3 with me, or technique classes with another teacher), but they can help you expand and deepen your dance education.

These include one-day workshops, and ongoing class series.

The offerings vary by semester, but have included:

  • Drills & Combos: A class series to build strong movement and artistic habits
  • Floating Silk: An in-depth class series on dancing with the veil
  • Finger Cymbals 101: A one-day workshop to build foundational zil skills
  • Veil 101: A one-day workshop introducing the veil

You can find the current semester’s offerings on our Join the Class page.

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Private Coaching

In a private coaching session, we work one-on-one to refine a skill or performance piece.
You can do a one-time coaching session, a short series, or on an ongoing basis.


Most students come to me for coaching at intermediate through professional levels.
But motivated beginners with some experience can benefit from coaching too!

What we cover

What we cover depends on your needs and priorities.
You can bring a specific skill or area you want to work on, or I can evaluate your dancing and suggest the areas to work on.

Regardless, you’ll go home with a clear understanding of:

  • What you can improve
  • What strengths you have that you could cultivate even more
  • Specific suggestions for how to do make those improvements
  • Ideas and concepts to inspire your dancing


Are you ready for coaching?

You don’t need any particular skill level to benefit from coaching. It’s your motivation that matters.

If you’re excited to improve your skills (or have an upcoming show you want to prepare for), and you’re willing to spend some time practicing on your own, coaching may be a good choice for you.

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