This page is for students who would like to pay for classes and other items by credit card.

Important notes:

  • Online payments are due 4 hours in before class begins (or the night before, for the Sunday group)
  • Class sizes are limited. If you have not already attended class this session, please contact Nadira to make sure that there is room for you
  • Any merchandise you pay for here will be picked up in class.
  • The prices for all taxable items include a 6.25% MA sales tax
  • All payments are final, and can’t be refunded or carried over to another session.

Sunday Level 1 Recital CD

Pre-order a copy of “Bert’s Baladi”, the CD that includes “Samah el Nobah”, the song the Sunday Level 1 group will be using in the recital.

Pre-order price: $15

(Note: the pre-order price expires once the CDs arrive, i.e., on February 19th. After that, the regular price of $20 will apply.)