Take a Free Class Online

Thanks to the nice folks of the Somerville Producer’s Group, I can now offer you an hour-long online belly dance class – absolutely free – as a thank-you gift for signing up for my mailing list.

This means that you can get started in belly dance today, right from your living room.

So what’s in this class?

In this 58-minute program, you’ll learn:

  • A Point-by-Point Check for Perfect Dance Posture
  • Posture is the key to doing the moves correctly and safely.

  • 7 Beautiful Belly Dance Moves
  • There’s nothing watered down here- these are classic isolations and traveling steps I use in almost every performance. Being familiar with these will also give you a head-start if you decide to join my class in the future.

  • A Full Choreography
  • By the end of the hour, you’ll have a three-and-a-half minute dance you can show off to your family and friends.

This is the same format I use for my “taste of belly dance” workshops, and would cost you $60 to learn in person. (Or $300+ to bring to your party!)

Even better, you can repeat the class as many times as you’d like. So you can review & refine your technique, or just have fun dancing along.


How to Get the Lesson

To get the lesson, just fill in the form below. You’ll receive an email asking you to you click on a link to confirm your registration (to make sure someone else hasn’t signed you up). Once you click on that link, you will automatically be taken to the video page.

The online class is a thank-you gift for signing up for the Belly Dance Somerville email list. So by signing up, you’re giving me permission to send you email.

But don’t worry:
1. I will never send you spam
2. I will not sell or share your e-mail address with anyone
3. I will work diligently to defend your privacy.

This information will only be used to give you the downloads and any updates that may be useful to you in future. That may include more free videos, and information about my classes. And every email will include an unsubscribe link, so you can take yourself off the list at any time, and for any reason.


Enough talk… Let’s get you up and dancing!


(If you have any trouble with the form, just email me your information, and I’ll sign you up manually.)